Welcome to Crescent Health Care

Look at other Skilled Nursing Facilities and we are positive you will realize, Crescent Health Care is your best choice.

Located in beautiful, residential West Yakima, Crescent Health Care is convenient to physician’s offices, hospitals, and transportation services. Crescent Health Care is situated on 2.5 beautifully manicured acres. Upon entering Crescent Health Care, your first impression will be one of spacious open living areas. The living room, large dining/activity room and light, airy resident rooms encourage gatherings of families and friends.

During the spring and summer month two patios and walkways are often utilized by residents, their families, and friends. Each summer, several families of ducks return to the area to raise their new flocks. The many ducklings are a special sight as residents and visitors stroll around the grounds.  The freshness and beauty of the surroundings contribute to the physical and mental well-being of the residents and staff and the changing seasons add sparkle to every day.

Not only is Crescent Health Care locally owned and operated, we have the distinction of being one of the few skilled nursing facilities with stable, long-term management staff. Most of our department supervisors have been with Crescent Health Care over 10 years. This stability in management shows in our State health inspections as Crescent Health Care receives significantly fewer then the State average number of survey citations. Our resident satisfaction surveys consistently reveal the excellent care provided by our staff.

Crescent accepts Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans and most insurance.  Our Corporate Comptroller is on site to assist residents and their families to navigate through these complicated agencies and receive the benefits to which they are entitled.

Our philosophy upholds and preserves the residents’ rights to conduct their life and make decisions that affect their medical care and activities of daily living. Our employees are taught the residents don’t live where we work; we work where they live. They have entered the residents’ home and as such are to respect each resident’s right to privacy and dignity.  We are dedicated to our residents and their family members.