Laundry services are available 24 hours a day for residents who wish to have our staff launder their personal clothing, which is available for a nominal fee.  If a family member or friend chooses to do their own laundry we ask that a hamper with a lid is provided and that soiled clothing is picked up daily in order to maintain a sanitary and odor free environment.  We use iron-on  labels to mark all resident’s clothing whether the laundry is done in-house, or a family member chooses to do it.   Bed linen is changed 2-3 times a week or changed as often as needed for incontinent residents.

Housekeeping services are provided 7 days a week to ensure the facility is kept immaculate.  Resident rooms are cleaned several times a day and beds are made daily by our staff members.  We strive to keep our facility clean and safe for our residents, visitors and staff and that state guidelines are maintained.