Appropriate Clothing

Making the right clothing choices for you or a loved one who is receiving care in a long-term or rehabilitative care setting can be difficult.  A lot depends on the level of care needed, as well as the degree of independence you or the resident is trying to achieve.

Self dressing is not always possible.  Limited range of motion, arthritis, incontinence, stroke, dementia, etc. can all affect dressing as an activity of daily living.  Clothing with easy-pull zippers and snaps are popular and pull-on, elastic waist pants and stretchy pull-on tops work well.  Be sure to check the care labels in items you bring from home as laundering at high temperatures can ruin some fibers.  For safety, shoes, socks and slippers should have soles with enough traction to make walking safe.

Crescent Health Care has a clothing labeling system to ensure that items do not get lost and that every garment is promptly returned to its owner.