State Surveys

We are proud of our 2015 Citation Free Survey!

Crescent Health Care is licensed by the State of Washington.  In order for us to participate in the federal Medicare and Medicaid programs we must be certified. This requires us to comply with the State’s rigid standards enforced by regular facility inspections and extensive evaluations.

State Survey Inspections:

  • Inspections are unannounced
  • Inspections are conducted by official state inspectors
  • Inspectors are health care professionals such as RNs and licensed social workers
  • A copy of each inspection report is sent to the nursing home after it is completed
  • If standards are not met, the nursing home must submit a plan of correction to the state
  • In some cases, a follow-up survey is made to verify deficiencies were corrected

Crescent Health Care has received scores above State survey standards since 1996.  These annual inspections have consistently revealed the excellent care provided by our staff.